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Abdul Gaffoor & Soha
10 July 2019
I was divorced with a beautiful son living in Canada. I hadnt used the account in a long time as I had given up hope. However one fine morning i get an add request of all places, and i asked Soha, how she found my contact. Apparently, her father had sent a request on, but I hadn't checked or responded, so they just saved the number (Premium) and it showed up in her phone as a contact suggestion. I logged back into like opening a dusty file, and there it was. We exchanged pictures and started talking and immediately hit it off. Eventhough we had just started talking, it felt as if we have known each other, thats how amazing the comfort level was. She came as a breath of fresh air into my life and turned out to be the perfect silver lining. Alhamdulllah. My family and I booked the tickets to India, I met her (At this point it was just a formality, we already knew we wanted to spend our lives together), it was a small yet beautiful Nikkah and Valima and the days after were the best days of my life and Inshallah the best is yet to come. Now I am busy arranging documents to get her to Canada asap..coz I miss her so much :(