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Yumna & Mohsin
27 November 2017
Our story is like a fairy tale but I assure you that I would not have found the man of my dreams if it wasn't for this site. Six years ago, in 2011, I created an account on here as a mere joke. I had no interest in getting married, as I felt I was too young, but thought it would be interesting to see who would send me a request. You know, just in case. Luckily, the first interest I received was from a charming young man who was ready to settle down. I accepted his interest because his profile seemed decent to me and we messaged back and forth a bit to get to know each other. Unfortunately, I just wasn't ready for such a big move but knew deep inside that if I had been a bit older then would have proceeded further. After that, we stopped communicating with each other for six whole years! No text, no phone call. We had both moved on with our lives and finished our degrees. Finally until one day, I saw his profile on social media and sent him a request as I felt that I knew him from before. Turned out that it was the same boy and we reconnected again. Neither of us were married, and so this time me being older and ready for marriage, I went for it when he sent me an interest again. We both got our families involved and within three months got married in May 2017. Alhumdulilah. We still joke about the fact that we could have got married all these years ago. But I guess destiny is like that. It doesn't matter where you go or how long it's been, you always end up with who you're supposed to be with. Thanks!