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Tariq & Kausar
30 November 2007
I sent kausar an email and she replied with a telephone call. I told her that my family has seen her pictures on the site and they are ready to come an meet her and her family. So on Sunday me an my mom went at her residence. Her mother very politely invited us and made us comfortable .I saw kausar, the first time an fell in love with her an my mom too. Then her family visited us. it took four months to convince her family that me an her are matched in heaven an finally they agreed. So on 28th Oct. 2007 we got married and now its 1 month and 2 days. we are very happy MASHALLAH . we pray that all users should find their soul-mate soon and the ones who have already found their soul-mates may live happily all their life. (Aamin). Regards Tariq n Kausar